An Open Letter To Teachers Everywhere

Every day you do something amazing.

You might not think it, you might not feel it, but you do. Every day you get up, go in and work your hardest for those kids you are giving them something special, something they might not be getting anywhere else. You give them trust, honesty, challenge, confidence, fun and above all a role model. You give them the chance to be the best version of themselves, to reach achievements they didn’t think were possible, to become people they didn’t think they could be. All of that is done through you. You went into teaching to make a difference and you are – every single day you are having a positive impact on the children in your class.

Some days it’s feels like you can’t do it, like it’s too hard, too overwhelming and some days, it is. But even in those days you are making a difference, you are teaching children new and exciting things. You are still teaching them and moving them forward.

When they are giving you a hard time, when you feel like they’ve got away from you, keep working at it, be consistent and stick to your standards. They need the boundaries, they will grow from them and through them and will be one step further towards being ready for whatever the world throws at them. The ones you think don’t like you? They do. They just don’t know how to express it. They know you’re trying to help them and they appreciate you never giving up on them despite the fact they know they might be making things difficult for you.

Children don’t often realise the importance of their teacher at the time, but when they look back in their education, they will remember you and the difference you made in their life and how your kindness and compassion helped them through. You won’t even know how much you’ve helped some children, the impact you’ve had in their lives. With just a few words you can change the course of their day or the way they feel about themselves. You can make their confidence soar with a smile and reassurance, you can make them feel good about themselves for maybe the first time in days. You build relationships with pupils that might last for years. You inspire, you show, you teach, you learn alongside them and above all you make them better.

Teaching is powerful. You have the futures of these children in our hands and you make sure they get the most out of it. It’s a massive responsibility, but one you wear well, one you realise the importance of and take seriously. Every day you make a difference, every day you make children better and every day you should feel good about yourself because if it. You don’t always get told it enough, you always don’t get thanked enough and you don’t always feel valued enough, but be proud of your profession and the job you do because you’re doing what you set out to do on your very first day of training – making a difference.

Published by @secretHT1

Primary HT. Using this as a space to write honestly and freely about the state of education currently.

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