English Warm Up Games

Following on from the Maths Warm Up ideas, here are some ideas for English too!

1. Adverb Charades

Child leaves the room and comes back in acting out an adverb. Others have to guess what it is. One who gets it gets to do the next one.

2. Word Association Game

Play with two pupils. Start with one word and the other has to give a related word. Back and forth until someone repeats or hesitates.

3. Dictionary Wizard

Give a dictionary out one between two. Make sure all have the same edition if poss. Call out a word and first to find it shout ‘I’m a dictionary wizard’. They then read the page number to check correct and read the definition.

4. Taboo

Have a list of words/objects eg worm, Eiffel Tower and on each card have words they cannot say to describe them. The class have to guess the word from their description. They must pass if they use a forbidden word.

5. Articulate

30s timer, describe as many words from the cards as they can in the time. Rest of the class guess.

6. Unfortunately, However

A talk for writing one this. Two pupils one starts a sentence with Unfortunately and the other responds by starting theirs with however. Eg Unfortunately my car broke down. However, the repair game quickly etc etc.

7. Countdown Words

Pick 9 consonants and vowels. Children have 30s to make the longest word they can.

8. Anagrams

A list of anagrams to do with your topic, children unscramble.

9. What did you do last night?

One child tells the story of their previous evening in the most outlandish way and with most imagination possible. Other children can question the story. Great for imaginative storytelling.

10. Spelling Bee

Teacher has dictionary. Asks one child for a page number, another to choose the left or right column, final child to pick from 1-20. Count down the list. Child has to spell the word.

11. Super Sentence

Give each part of a sentce a points value eg opener, adjectives, adverbs, punctuation etc. Minus points if they miss punctuation. Chdn in pairs write highest scoring sentence they can. Score. Leads to discussion if being full of everything makes good sentence

12. Punctuation Bingo

6 squares filled with differing punctuation. Teacher gives secription if what the punctuation is used for, children cross of if they have it.

13. Synonym List

Write 3 verbs on the board. Children have 2 min to write as many synonyms as they can. Create class list.

14. If this is the answer…

Put a word on the board, children generate as many questions as they can that could lead to that answer.

15. Table Stories.

One children starts a story, but can only say one sentence. The next child sitting on the table continues it. Keep going round the group until the story comes to an end.

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